Rental Property Tips: Fill Vacancies and Survive Any Season

July 22, 2019

Know How to Market Your Rental Property at Any Season

All year round there are expats moving in Thailand. In fact, approximately half of expatriates living in the country are staying in Bangkok. This means, the rental property business in the city has a strong demand.

However, not all condo or apartment units, as well as residential townhouses have long-term residents. There are cases where the guests are only in the country for a few months, which leave the apartment vacant for a while. If this happens, know how get tenants before the “low season” affect your business. These are the months wherein guests or expats are not constantly looking for a new place to stay.

Even if Bangkok is listed as the epicentre of expats in Southeast Asia, rental property owners must still consider to list their space on a platform, like Asia Property 365 (AP365). A multilingual integrated platform for property owners, tenants and real estate agents.

AP365 allow property owners to manage multiple condo units and furnished apartments on a single dashboard. Then, agents can market the property for rent by owner and be the one to communicate with the guests. A profitable option to overseas rental property owners.

Aside from listing the space on a rental platform, here are other ways to fill vacancies at any season.

Know How to Market Your Rental Property at Any Season

Update property profile

If there are changes in the unit, omit or include it no matter how small it is. Realtime updates allow potential guests to foresee and what to expect upon move in.

The scope is not only within the unit, but also around the neighbourhood. Providing a brief description of the latest shops, restaurants and establishments near the property has an impact in the listing.

Be flexible

If it has been weeks since the last scheduled viewing, make adjustments to the allowed minimum stay. Learn what the guests are looking for and consider their requests.

Try to come up with an irresistible yet winning deal too. Besides, a few tweaks such as adjusting the allowed days and lowering the rent can make a huge difference.

Renters come and go, so make sure to have a plan on how to not have vacancies for a long time. Register on AP365 and welcome either monthly tenants or long-term expatriates.

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