Here’s why you should get a Malaysia property in Johor now

September 07, 2017 Malaysia

Johor is the southern Malaysian state bordering Singapore. It is currently Malaysia’s most developed state receiving roughly RM280 billion worth of investments in the last three years. While the much awaited Iskandar Malaysia is well on its way, here are more reasons why you should buy Malaysia property and invest in Johor today:

Here's why you should get a Malaysia property in Johor now | Malaysia Property | Yazhou Property

Drop of prices in landed properties

Wee Soon Chit, executive director of Landserve Sdn Bhd, said “Landed property prices in new prime areas, such as Iskandar Puteri, have been declining in the past two years at an average pace of 15% to 20%. I don’t think the dust has settled yet but many things could happen. However, considering the downtrend, landed property prices in Johor may see a maximum 30% dip,”

Since the supply of Malaysia real estate is way above the demand in Johor, landed property prices have significantly dropped. At first glance this may seem negative but you should take into consideration what a good long-term investment Johor is. When Iskandar Malaysia comes into completion, Johor will be a flourishing metropolis where everyone would be scrambling to get a Malaysia property investment. So while the property prices are still low, you might want to get a property as investment now.

A wide array of residential properties

Investors keep supplying Johor with Malaysia homes even when there’s no demand. This might be because they hope to become part of its prosperous future. While an oversupply may seem negative as well, this is actually good for investors who are meticulous in looking for property because they will have a wide array of properties to choose from. Take for example the much-awaited mega development of Country Garden: Forest City, an expected modern ocean oasis community. Along the east coast, there is the Senibong Cove. It is also a mega development consisting of waterfront Malaysia property and luxurious high-rise condominiums.

Here's why you should get a Malaysia property in Johor now | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyPhoto courtesy: Forest City

A rising economy

Even with all the looming threats of an economy breakdown, Johor’s economy stands strong with both foreign and local investors are still steadily coming in. Billionaire reports that foreign companies are eyeing Johor for their facilities. Coca-cola has recently transferred to Iskandar Malaysia. Microsoft is reportedly constructing a facility at Sedanak. Billionaire also reports that “the Johor manufacturing sector attracted more than RM18 billion (US$4.2 billion) in total proposed capital investment from January to September 2016 – the highest among all of the states in the country – with the ratio of domestic to foreign investment at 52:48%”.

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