Is Lakeville Residence the Malaysia property for you?

November 16, 2016 Malaysia

Looking for overseas properties that could serve as an international property investment for you and your family? Lakeville Residence might just be the perfect choice.

For 20 years, premiere Malaysia property developer Mah Sing Group  has continued to design and develop high-end residential and commercial properties in Malaysia that perfectly reached their market’s interests because of in-depth study regarding their clients’ wants and needs.

Lakeville Residence| Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyLakeville’s Botique Sky Semi-D’s | Photo credit from Lakeville Residence

A 12.38 hectare land is where Lakeville Residence rises as the newest project of Mah Sing Group. This KL property offers an environment that balances nature and the convenience of modern living.

Exquisite balance between indoors and outdoors

 Staying in a city has never been more diverse. Factors like nature and space together are not often present in other Malaysia properties, two things Lakeville Residence is designed to have–both, for leisure and recreation.

Residents can choose from Tower A’s available units ranging from 978 to 1,359 sq.ft. Meanwhile, Tower B also offers units ranging from 978 to 1,365 sq.ft.

Lakeville Residence| Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyTower A Points of View | Photo credit: Lakeville Residence
Lakeville Residence| Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyTower B Points of View | Photo credit: Lakeville Residence
Lakeville Residence| Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyLakeville Residence | Photo credit: Lakeville Residence

The 12.8 acre development offers 3.1 acres of landscaped themes that await all of its tenants. The recreational facilities include a 50-meter length pool, a Forest trail, jogging track, futsal court, and a playground for the kids to learn and play, to name a few.

Aside from Lakeville’s own SoFo concept with a three and four-storey lifestyle shops, there are also a variety of outdoor and indoor activities nearby. As this Malaysia property is surrounded by parks, malls and supermarkets, residents can enjoy kite-flying, camping, jogging, shopping and more.

A Malaysia property that offers convenience at its finest

Located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City, the Lakeville Residence’s proposed link road to Kepong, as well as improvements in the existing connections make this Malaysia property easily accessible to its residents.

The KTM Station at Taman Wahyu which is 700 meters away can take you anywhere you want. Nearby schools and the Selayang hospital are not so far away.

Lakeville Residence| Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyLakeville Residence Location Map | Photo credit: Lakeville Residence

Eco-green kind of living

 Living in Lakeville Residence is adhering to the environmental standards of this Malaysia property.

The thermally comfortable environment helps residents to become energy-efficient, minimizing the use of air-conditioning. This property in Malaysia also has high-efficiency fittings for a more cost-effective practice, reducing the water bill. The property has low VOC products and a food garden to encourage the residents to be accustomed to a healthier lifestyle.

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