What kind of Malaysia property can foreigners buy?

January 11, 2017 Malaysia

Type of Malaysia property foreigners can buy | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyHigh-rise condominiums for residential community in Malaysia

Unlike other Asian countries, Malaysia is generally more lenient when it comes to foreigners buying a Malaysia property. Because of this, some foreigners obtain a 100% foreign-owned company to buy their Malaysia property as their foreign property investment. This makes it easier for them to transfer ownership without the hassle of getting rid of their shares in the company. However, for a foreigner buying a property in Malaysia, the real estate should not exceed the RM10 million limit. All Malaysia properties surpassing the said amount will need approval from the Foreign Investment Committee.

Two categories of land ownership:

Freehold: owners can use the land for any purpose and enjoy free perpetuity.

Leasehold: land is owned by the government usually for 99 years with the Renewal of leases accepted with the payment to the State Government

Property titles:

 Both freehold and leasehold Malaysia properties are issued with the following:

  1. Individual title

Landed properties such as bungalows, terrace houses, semi-detached houses, etc will have separate land holders. Landed properties are owned by a land holder and this is known as individual title. However, a landed property that shares facilities is considered Strata title.

  1. Strata title

 Strata title is only given to sub-divided Malaysia properties such as condominiums, penthouses and apartments. Malaysia properties that are on the same land but have different owners are known to have Strata title.

Both Strata title and Individual title are protected under NLC and have the same legal status.

Properties in Malaysia that foreigners cannot own:

  • All properties on Malay reserve lands
  • Low and medium cost properties regulated by the State Authority
  • Assigned properties by the State Authority to Bumiputera (Malay quota)
  • Most agricultural lands in Malaysia

Below are the types of Malaysia property foreigners can purchase:

1.Landed property

      A landed property is a type of Malaysia property with land and maybe connected to other houses but is separated by a fence or wall. Landed properties can also be stand-alone       units.


     A type of residential property with open spaces on the sides.

3.Bungalow Land

A bungalow land is located in a gated community that includes facilities.

4.Terraced House

Type of Malaysia property foreigners can buy | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertySome of the terraced houses in Malaysia

Terraced houses are Malaysia properties built side by side, sharing a wall and are usually mirror-image houses. This type of Malaysia property has open spaces at the front and back of the property.

5.Semi-detached house

Semi-detached houses are made up of units with a shared party wall. These type of properties are usually designed to mirror each unit and has a rear, front and one side open space.


 A condominium is a type of real estate property in a building that is divided into several units, which are separately owned. Condominiums have common areas and facilities such as gym, swimming pool, recreational areas and many more.

7.Studio Unit

Type of Malaysia property foreigners can buy | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyA cozy studio unit

Studio units are apartments that are complete with a living room, kitchen, dining, bedroom and washroom.


A penthouse is a unit in a condominium that is usually located at the top level of the building. It also has unique features such as high ceiling, private entrance and outdoor terrace to name a few.


 A single dwelling occupying 2 floors in a condo connected by an indoor staircase. Duplex and penthouse units are usually expensive and are considered luxury property investment.

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