The Best 5 Christmas Video by Malaysia Property Developers!

December 28, 2017 Malaysia

This is the season to be jolly! Malaysia property developers are taking it up a notch with their fun and quirky Christmas video ideas. We compiled some Christmas ads that we think is worth sharing!


Celebrate the Christmas season with your loved ones and a spectacular display of lights. EcoWorld’s Christmas video is bringing in the Christmas spirit through music and lights!

Mah Sing Group

Meet Agent Mel, the best and brightest cadet who packages and delivers happiness! This two minutes video has quirky character that will remind all of us why we celebrate Christmas.


It’s the time to give back! Watch how the ASPEN Group spread the Christmas joy through giving back to the community will tug on your heartstrings.


Everyone is on social media and we all make an effort to make our feed look nice. This fun parody of how people create the perfect post will make you laugh and it’s easy to tweak for any festive season!

S P Setia

SP Setia – Celebrate the festive season by capturing the mesmerizing lightscapes at Setia City Convention Centre, Setia Eco Park, Setia Eco Glades and Setia Eco Templer! This SP Setia’s video will make you want to spend the night there immediately.

BONUS: Other Christmas Ads

There are different ways to which a video can share the spirit of Christmas. Some are tear-jerking or funny or mysterious but there’s one thing that they highlight. The reason for this season, to spread joy!

What do you think about these festive video ideas? Will you be trying them out anytime soon?

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