Top 5 Best Places to Invest in Malaysia Properties

February 07, 2017 Malaysia

Finally decided to invest your money in Malaysia properties? If yes, then your next move would be to find the perfect location for your property investment. Do you think a KL property would work best for you? How about a Malaysia property in Johor? Before buying property in Malaysia, you may want to take a quick look at these locations to help you decide where your next overseas property should be!

Kuala Lumpur

Hotspots for Malaysia properties | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyStunning view of Malaysia properties in Kuala Lumpur, the country’s Capital city

Kuala Lumpur is the capital and the heart of Malaysia. With a population of about 1.8 million, Kuala Lumpur is home to a number of commercial and business centres, shopping malls, entertainment hubs and everything else that would make living fun and convenient.

Malaysia properties in Kuala Lumpur vary from semi-d bungalows in quiet residential areas to high-rise condominiums with close proximity to the CBD. An example of a high-rise condominium would be Villa Crystal. This is a two tower, 38-storey condominium set to be completed in July 2017. Villa Crystal is an exclusive condominium strategically located in South Desa-Park which links together Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya.


Malaysia’s third largest state, Johor, is just across the causeway from Singapore and is a mixture of island, urban and modern life.

Iskandar Malaysia in Johor is a southern development situated on a 2.217 square kilometre land that is three times larger than Singapore. This was developed to attract foreign investors. Formerly known as Iskandar Development Region and South Johor Region, the Iskandar Region now holds the first ever Legoland in Asia. There are also educational, commercial and entertainment areas in this vast enclave.

Nusajaya is Johor’s residential area and already has a number of property developments under way.


Hotspots for Malaysia properties | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyFamous Blue Mosque at Selangor, Malaysia

When talking about gross domestic product, Selangor wins as Malaysia’s richest state. Also dominating when it comes to property developments, Malaysia properties in Selangor have helped it become a flourishing state in Malaysia.

Out of all the cities in Selangor, Petaling Jaya is the most thriving city when talking about property development.

Start living your life in Selangor, Malaysia with a 3-storey semi-detached luxury home by Bayu Damansara. This freehold property is tucked away from the city hustle, offering homeowners a quiet and peaceful living space.


Penang is located on the north-west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Gracefully embracing the state’s old charm and today’s modern world, Penang celebrates a fascinating fusion of these opposite worlds as reflected in the multiracial population and heritage structures that are well taken care of.

Aside from its mouth-watering cuisines, the listing of George Town as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site attracts most of the tourists that come to Penang. But what truly inspire expats to choose Penang is its cultural mix, diversity and quality of life, and colourful traditions.


Hotspots for Malaysia properties | Malaysia Property | Yazhou PropertyThe little paradise of Sabah, Malaysia that awaits property owners

Are you itching to find overseas property that is both an adventure and a playground you can call your own? Sabah is a haven for adventure seekers. With its vast land of lush greenery, rainforests and majestic mountains, it is no wonder why a lot of expats choose Sabah as their home after retirement.

Karambunai Peninsula and Kota Kinabalu are the top locations foreign investors are usually eyeing. As a growing number of expats wanting to live in Sabah, property developers have adjusted to the demand for more Malaysia properties in this paradise. They are also expecting a rise in the demand for holiday properties.

Among these property locations, which do you think is the perfect one for you? You may start browsing for Malaysia properties or other Asia properties over at Yazhou Property blog. Helpful tips before you buy overseas property, as well as the latest property news, are also shared on our Facebook page so make sure to hit that follow button!

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