Top Three Cities to Buy Japan Property

October 10, 2016 Japan

Planning to invest in Asia properties? Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are the three hottest real estate hotspots for smart investors to buy Japan property in.

Japan Property | Real Estate | Asia PropertiesTokyo Japan


Tokyo is obviously the most popular choice for foreign property investment. Tokyo property is perhaps one of the most valuable in the Asia Pacific region. It is the main reason why Japan’s property market has been very attractive to overseas investors. With Tokyo being a major economic hub and the most populated city in Japan, real estate in this part of the country is high in demand.

Japan Property | Real Estate | Asia Properties
Osaka, Japan


Osaka is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan, located in the Kansai region of Japan.  In fact, along with Tokyo, it is one of the largest cities in the world. Being one of Japan’s commercial and industrial heartlands, it has been reported that there is definitely strong real estate demand and high vacancy rate, especially from industrial and commercial tenants. Thus, many investors and developers are definitely expressing interests in the Japan property market.

Additionally, buyers interested in overseas property investment might also be happy to hear about Osaka’s ambitious redevelopment projects. Osaka is known as Japan’s historical centre, but it is definitely ready to move on to the future. It has just allowed the construction of 100m high-rise buildings along its historic central boulevard. Developers are rapidly redeveloping the city, provoking skyline rivalry with other cities. Although many real estate investors flock to Tokyo for investment opportunities, Japan property around the Osaka area is definitely just as promising.

Japan Property | Real Estate | Asia PropertiesKyoto, Japan


Kyoto is a city located in Honshu, with a population of around 1.5 million. Compared to other bustling cities in Japan, Kyoto is much smaller and less populated. In terms of real estate demand and vacancy rates, it is much lower than other urban areas. However, according to the Financial Times, what is making Kyoto one of the hottest cities for foreign buyers is the low bargain prices of the Japan property located in this area. The trend among foreign buyers nowadays is to purchase traditional Japanese ‘machiya’ homes. Kyoto’s property market has now been dominated by foreign buyers looking to buy affordable landed homes and take advantage of the weakening yen. This type of Japan property is not merely an investment, part of the attraction is cultural. These traditional homes give you a slice of Japanese culture in one of Japan’s hottest tourist spots. If you’re looking for less of a real estate investment and more of a home in Japan, these machiya houses might be what you’re looking for.

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