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Rental Property in Asia | A Guide for Expats

Moving to Asia can be a thrilling experience to expats. From getting a stable source of income, to securing healthcare,…

April 05, 2019 Tokyo

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Overseas investors pull away from Japan property market

The booming Japan property market reaches a halt as overseas property investors pull their investments because of skyrocketing real estate…

November 04, 2016 Tokyo

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Foreigners’ Guide to Overseas Property Investment in Japan

Unlike other Asia properties, there are no restrictions on the acquisition of Japan property by foreigners. Overseas property investment is…

November 02, 2016 Tokyo

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Top Three Cities to Buy Japan Property

Planning to invest in Asia properties? Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are the three hottest real estate hotspots for smart investors…

October 10, 2016 Tokyo

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Asia Properties That Won Big At The IPA Asia Pacific 2016

Competition among Asia properties is getting fiercer, with property investors becoming more elaborate in their real estate investments. Part of…

September 28, 2016 Tokyo

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Is it Safe to Make a Long-term Investment in Japan Property?

Overseas property investment is usually daunting for many investors due to the uncertainty and volatility of many international markets. It…

September 20, 2016 Tokyo

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Tokyo Property Market: Luxury Apartments on the Rise

The Tokyo property market has been booming in the recent years but it is much more so with the Luxury…

September 08, 2016 Tokyo

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Why You Can’t Help but Invest in Tokyo Property

Nowadays, Tokyo is one of the hottest cities to invest in real estate, with both domestic and foreign property investment…

September 02, 2016 Tokyo