Top 3 Cities to Consider When Buying Property in Indonesia

September 29, 2016 Indonesia

Don’t know where to look for a property in Indonesia? These top booming cities will definitely give you big returns in your overseas property investments. Take a closer look at what these three cities can offer to foreign real estate investors.Indonesia property | Real Estate | Overseas Property Investment


The most obvious location to consider when buying property in Indonesia will always be the capital, Jakarta. It is still the most popular area to live in, especially as most workplaces are located here. This behemoth capital also boasts the largest population and is the most urbanized among the country’s major cities. In fact, the Jakarta property market is considered to be one of the hottest real estate markets in Asia.


Another area that is also becoming a popular choice for overseas property investment is Bekasi. Bekasi is a city in West Java, located on the eastern border of Jakarta. It is now one the fastest-growing urban centres in the country. In addition, it’s also one of the most populated incorporated cities in Indonesia.

Many investors have also become interested in Indonesia properties located in this city due to its close proximity to the trains and the toll roads going toward Jakarta. Bekasi is also known as a commuter city in Jakarta wherein people would live in Bekasi but work elsewhere. Thus, there are numerous residential areas in the city. Players looking to invest in the Indonesia property market may be interested in buying residential properties in Bekasi.

In addition to their numerous residential areas, the city also has industrial zones nearby that have expanded and port developments constructed. According to The Jakarta Post, around 4,000 companies are operating in Cikarang, one of Bekasi’s towns, and around 1,000 expatriates settle there. Thus, this would be a great time to invest in a property in Indonesia around this area and take advantage of the booming demand for residential housing.


Another prosperous city where overseas property investment is high is Surabaya, a major city in West Java. In fact, according to recent property news from SMB CEO, it is now one of the hottest places to live in right now.  The reason why property is in-demand in this city is mostly due to the economic growth that took place in the city. The growing middle class and the increasing wealth of the households within the city drive up the city’s real estate worth. Furthermore, their world-renowned mayor, Tri Rismaharini, has consistently tried to improve the urban landscape of the city in the recent years, making it one of the biggest and bustling cities in Indonesia now. In addition, those investing in property in Indonesia will find Surabaya much cheaper to live in compared to other major cities in Indonesia.

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