Indonesia Property Spotlight: The Elements

September 05, 2016 Indonesia

Sinar Mas Land, the largest and most diversified Indonesia property developer, has currently launched a big development project in South Jakarta. The property, named as ‘The Elements’, is a premium apartment tower to be completed in February 2019 that boasts luxurious facilities and a strategic location. Thus, according to Sinar Mas Land, this $114 million real estate project is set as one of their most valuable property investment opportunities for domestic and overseas property investors.

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The Elements Apartment | Photo Courtesy of The Elements Kuningan

Epitome of Luxurious Living

The Elements is a two-tower premium grade apartment that emphasizes a kind of modern luxurious living defined by its elegant design and plush living facilities. The main concept of this Indonesia property is to give a comforting sense of arriving home through modern luxury and impeccable design. Real estate investors will be able to distinguish it for its imported marble, spacious balconies, European premium kitchens and elegant interiors. It also boasts private elevators, a double glass façade that reduces both heat and noise, and a Japanese-influenced ventilation system for bedroom windows for the ultimate living experience.

The first tower will be composed of 32 levels and 120 units with a private lift. On the other hand, the second tower is made up of 39 levels and 225 units with a common lift. Units may vary from 72 square meters to 148 square meters. This property also boasts an outdoor playground area, 3-level basement parking, a multi-function room, gym, wellness center and a swimming pool.

Indonesia Property | Indonesia Property Market | Global Property Guide

The Elements Brochure Page | Photo Courtesy of The Elements Kuningan

Indonesia Property | Indonesia Property Market | Global Property Guide

The Elements Brochure Page 2 | Photo Courtesy of The Elements Kuningan

Strategically Located at Jakarta’s Epicentrum

The Elements is also a highly attractive project for property investment due to its prized location. The apartment is located in the burgeoning Epicentrum superblock in Kuningan, the largest and the most integrated superblock in Jakarta. Thus, any Indonesia property located around or near this area will be highly sought-after by investors in the property market. By being strategically located within this area, The Elements will allow residents to be able to conveniently access the finest retail, business and lifestyle options that Epicentrum has to offer.

Primed to be a Valuable Investment Opportunity

Sinar Mas Land’s chief executive Hongky Jeffry Nantung had reportedly told Jakarta Globe that he is optimistic that the project will become one of the most wanted apartments in the Indonesia property market. He reasons that the property is being built by a reliable contractor and is located at a strategic place that would certainly increase the apartment’s real estate value.

Surely enough, The Elements distinguished itself from other development projects in the Indonesia property market due to the fact that it is being built by a renowned real estate developer that has built and operated stand out properties such as the Grand Hyatt, Plaza Indonesia, Sinar Mas Land Plaza and other residential projects in foreign countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China and London. A firm with such reputation would be able to attract many overseas property investors towards this project. Furthermore, the developer upped their game through teaming up with a major construction company in South Korea called Hyundai Engineering and Construction to build this 6.5 hectare Indonesia property.

This property is expected to be completed by February 2019 and is now initially offering 300 units to domestic and overseas property investors with around 36 percent of it sold off. Sinar Mas Land is targeting to sell at least 50 percent by the end of this year. For more information on this property, visit the developer’s website.

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