Caulfield Village: A Melbourne property at the heart of Caulfield

October 18, 2017 Australia

Experience the serenity of the suburbs and the progressive lifestyle of a city in Caulfield. This enormous Australian suburb has an excellent transportation system, plenty of parks, close to the beach and close to the track. Sitting at the heart of Caulfield is the Caulfield Village, a new Melbourne property that aims to create a mixed-community that is thriving and integrated.

If you are looking for a Melbourne home or property investment in Melbourne, then Caulfield Village is a real estate you should eye for. This new development intends to let the residents live in luxury without compromising the comfort of a suburb.

Caulfield Village is a people-oriented place that offers an extraordinary home by merging style and convenience. Just a few minutes away from the bustling central business district of Melbourne, this Caulfield property creates a lifestyle that equates to some of Europe’s historic urban designed communities.

Located at the center of Caulfield, this Melbourne property exists on five hectares of vacant land which will include over 1,500 apartments and townhouses, a supermarket, pharmacy, cafes, restaurants and lifestyle facilities. It is connected to major roads making it accessible for the residents and those who are interested in buying property in Melbourne.

Caulfield Village: A Melbourne property at the heart of Caulfield | Australia Property | Yazhou Property

Caulfield Village is a Melbourne property developed by BECK. A team that ensures that they create high quality, durable properties. With a combined experience of 70 years in the industry, this Australian property developer creates visionary, boutique inner-city projects across Melbourne. Sharing a passion for delivering iconic buildings, leaders Sam Beck and Barry Shepherd envision projects that are both visually stunning and helping the local area.

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