Thailand Property: How to Cease a High-Vacancy Rate?

June 27, 2019

Thailand property: Experiencing a high rental-vacancy rate? Start turning the tables by improving your strategy and see you vacancy rate drop down to zero.

As an owner, there is nothing more haunting than a high rental-vacancy rate. Good news is you can turn the table by making a few changes in your strategy to increase your occupancy rate. Here’s what you can do to put an end to this bane.

#1 Get organized

A vacant rental property doesn’t mean your job as an owner stops. In fact, you can use this opportunity as your advantage to get repairs and renovations done. Also, during this downtime you can organize tenants’ records and other documents, to get ready before marketing your property.

#2 Up your game in marketing

Is your Thailand property up for market for a long time and still no leads? Chances are, you are not doing the right marketing strategy. Consider upgrading your marketing strategy by getting help from a local agent, as they are more aware of the market in the area. Moreover, you can up your game by emphasising the unique qualities of your Thailand property which makes it stand out among the rest. Learn how you can make your listing stand out more here.

#3 Make the most out of Thailand property viewing

Don’t let a chance to show off your property go to waste, let property viewings be your upper hand to get your space rent out. Make a good impression by showcasing your property with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. After that, study up about your potential tenant and the surroundings of the area. This will help you identify which selling point is to emphasize. Another good tip is to schedule multiple viewings in one day to save you more time.

#4 Learn from previous experience

Take note of your past tenants’ reviews, whether they are good or bad. This can be a vital tool you can use to improve your space and property management. Analyse what worked well for your past tenants, and what needs to be improved to fill in your vacancy.

#5 Switch your transactions online

Nowadays, everything is turning digital and your transactions should too. You can start by visiting AP365 is a platform that connects, property owners, agents, and tenants who are finding a rental home online. The platform allows you to list and manage any rental properties such as condominium units and offices, even if you are overseas. List your Thailand property with us today!

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