How To Successfully Rent Out Your Bangkok Property On AP365

May 24, 2019

How To Successfully Rent Out Your Bangkok Property On AP365 | Rental Properties | Condominium

“Success is dependent on effort.” said the great Sophocles. This quote also relates in having successful deals with your potential tenants on AP365. While AP365 offers assistance to rental properties’ transactions, it also requires a few efforts from you to catch tenants’ attention. Here are some few things you need to work on:

Be proactive in updating your profile             

Accomplishing a good profile gives a good impression towards the other users of the platform. We cannot emphasize more that the platform is for owners to connect with agents and potential tenants. In fact, it will be great if your profile reflects who you are in person. So, make sure that you don’t leave out optional fields when filling up your profile information. This will help you build trust and catch more people’s interest in your property.

Upload clear and enticing images of the property

Photos may not give justice of the accurate look of your rental condo, office or other Bangkok property, but you can always try. All potential tenants want to catch a glimpse of what you’re offering. And no, you don’t need to get them photographed professionally. A clear photo of the living room, toilet and bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen will suffice. As long as the picture has great lighting and depicts the equivalent look of your property, you are sure to win over tenants.

Make a precise description of the Bangkok property

We encourage you to give a precise description of your property. This will be your gateway to promoting your property, and you have to catch the attention of your potential tenants. A tip is to at least write 5-10 sentences about the property, like what’s nearby, how’s the community and the ambiance of the place.

Be responsive to tenants and agents

Check and monitor your account every day, especially when you have transactions ongoing. Being a responsive and accommodating owner helps you to succeed in getting the likes of your potential tenants. Moreover, the process will be much speed up if you communicate well with the agent and the tenant.

Pin the right location of the property on the map

It is important to pin the right location of the property in the platform. To illustrate, you may find the exact place of the property on the map and drag the pinpoint there. With this, potential tenants and agents will not be confused about the address of the property.

AP365 is a platform that connects, property owners, agents, and tenants who are finding rental properties. With this, you can find the right Thailand property such as office and condominium for rent in one dashboard!

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