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Yazhou Property offers you the best digital marketing avenues for your business. We want to expand your boundaries and connect your company to millions of potential investors all over Asia. We can also spark your target audience’s interest through inbound lead generation or content creation. Depending on your campaign, you can select from our wide range of ad inventory such as ad banners, homepage features, property listings, and microsite pages.

With presences on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and Weibo, Yazhou Property provides you with your social media engagement and amplification needs to market across China. We also provide creative production services such as graphics creation and landscape videography.

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1. Website Content Marketing
Produce quality content that will rank high in search results on search engines in order to reach out to the potential buyers and investors across Asia and the international property market.

2. Leads Generation
Maximize our digital media planning services to amplify your strategized campaign and help you effectively generate lead at the lowest cost.

3. Search Marketing
Utilize our search marketing expertise to help you research and build the most effective keyword structure and ad copy to increase your visibility in search engines across your target markets in Asia.

4. China Digital Marketing
Yazhoufangchan is your property gateway to the vast market in China. We have accounts on two of China’s biggest social media platforms: WeChat and Weibo. You also have the opportunity to spread high quality content through buying SEM on Baidu, China’s largest search engine.

5. Creative Production
Our in-house web designers and developers can write articles, produce compelling designs, images, graphics, microsites, as well as shoot property landscapes.